Casinos Winning Big by Betting on Asians

He said he hadn’t won much money yet, but he was still in good spirits.

Mohegan Sun’s senior marketing vice president, Anthony Patrone, said the casino is interested in expanding its Latino marketing. Tim Fong, co-director of UCLA’s Gambling Studies Program.

“This is a way of demonstrating the casino’s sensitivity and understanding of the market,”said Joe Lam, president of L3, an advertising agency that works with Mohegan Sun.

“Our Asian blood loves to feel the luck,”said Ernie Wu, director of Asian marketing at Foxwoods.”We call it entertainment, we don’t say it’s’fun88 gambling.’”

Some say the casinos are filling a void in entertainment options for low-income Asian immigrants.

The two casinos target Asian customers with ads in ethnic media and sponsoring community activities such as the Boston Dragon Boat Festival, the Toronto Asian Beauty Pageant, and the Southeast Asian Water Festival in Lowell, Mass.

But buses are key to the marketing strategy. Even if we have time off, there’s nowhere else to go. On her day off, she takes one of the Foxwoods buses.

In 2000, Foxwoods, which is run by the Mashantucket Pequot tribe, hired a vice president specifically in charge of Asian marketing. The number of buses doubles on Chinese New Year, and on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

By LING LIU, Associated Press Writer

MASHANTUCKET, Conn. – It’s a little after noon, and a crowd has started to gather in Boston’s Chinatown. All look up whenever the deep roar of an engine sounds like it’s coming their way.

“It’s a happy place,”Ip said in Mandarin Chinese.”It’s very easy and relaxing, and it’s open all the time.”

Foxwoods, the biggest casino in the world based on gambling floor space, estimates that at least one-third of its 40,000 customers per day are Asian. Some are reading the Sing Tao Daily or Ming Pao Daily News. 4 seat at Pai Gow and Baccarat tables, which have numbered seats.

The model of attracting and retaining Asian customers is being watched carefully as casinos reach out to other untapped markets.

Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun both have taken voluntary steps, such as training employees to read signs of addictive behavior and referring problem gamblers to psychiatrists.

The number of Asians in the United States increased by 17 percent between 2000 and 2004, the fastest growth of any ethnic group during that period, according to the U.S. All rights reserved. We don’t have cars.”

Some say the casinos are going too far to market to people who are vulnerable to excessive gambling.

Asians make up roughly a fifth of the 13,000-person staff at Foxwoods. It’s out there, it’s insidious, slowly damaging families.”

Every day, Foxwoods and nearby rival Mohegan Sun combined send more than 100 buses to predominantly Asian neighborhoods in Boston and New York. Others clutch plastic bags filled with snacks. Gaming is part of the culture, but problem gaming is not widespread.”

Casinos Winning Big by Betting on Asians


Gambling doesn’t require language skills or a high upfront cost, and casinos including Foxwoods have set up dozens of tables featuring favorite Asian games such as Pai Gow poker, Pai Gow dominoes, Sic Bo and Baccarat.

Ip represents a group of customers aggressively being courted by casinos around the country.

“It’s fun,”he said,”as long as you don’t gamble big.”

“All of our friends come once or twice a week,”Zheng said, speaking Mandarin as she rested near the noodle bar with her brother-in-law.”Life in America is hard. Five days a week, he makes the four-hour round-trip bus ride to Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut.

Zheng Yuhua emigrated from southern China to New York City eight years ago. Mohegan Sun says Asian spending makes up a fifth of its business and has increased 12 percent during the first half of this year alone.

Back in the Asian Pit, Ip Kachuang decided to take a break after three hours at the Baccarat tables, his favorite game at Foxwoods.

Next to the popular noodle bar, the entrance to the massive”Asian Pit”at Foxwoods is one of the liveliest sections of the massive casino. The casino also has omitted the No. She works six days a week, 11 hours a day, preparing takeout orders at a restaurant in Chinatown. And when customers aren’t gambling, there are Asian concerts and shows to keep them occupied. Wu says dealers know not to touch Asian customers on the shoulder, a sign of bad luck. Our English isn’t good. During the 100-mile journey, some watched a Hong Kong soap opera on television sets throughout the bus. gaming industry.

Mohegan Sun:http://www.mohegansun.com/


On the Net:. On July 21, Mohegan Sun hosted a boxing match that was broadcast on the Spanish-language channel Telefutura.

On a recent weekday afternoon, one Foxwoods bus picked up Ip, his two friends, and more than 40 other passengers from Boston’s Chinatown. In 2005, Mohegan Sun, owned by the Mohegan tribe, hired an international marketing executive who would target the Asian demographic.

Copyright 2006 The Associated Press. And few industries have catered to the Asian boom with as much cultural competency as the $75 billion U.S. Most caught up on sleep.

“Honestly, we find it’s not as prevalent in the Asian community as it is in the non-Asian community,”said Karoul, who worked in several Asian countries.”Of all the markets, I would say it’s the least affected by problem gaming. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Steve Karoul, who until earlier this month was vice president of casino marketing at Foxwoods and has spent 30 years in the casino business, said Asians aren’t significantly affected by compulsive gambling.

“If casinos didn’t market to Asians, they’d market to someone else. Census Bureau. They don’t say the number four, which in Chinese, sounds similar to the word for death. It’s just that right now, the market is Asians,”said Dr. It’s a routine Ip knows well. Fong, who began studyinggambling addiction among Asian-Americans in 2005, called it a”subtle epidemic. Mohegan Sun has brought superstar singers A-Mei from Taiwan and Sandy Lam from Hong Kong to perform at its 10,000-seat arena.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ip Kachuang and two of his friends share a smoke while they wait. Riders pay $10 for round trip fare, and Foxwoods throws in a $12 food coupon and a $40 gambling coupon, while Mohegan Sun gives them a $15 meal voucher and a $20 betting coupon.

But those marketing strategies to attract customers aren’t without concerns

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